Why You Should Get A WiFi Door Lock

Why You Should Get A WiFi Door Lock

If you are trying to create a Smart Home, a Wifi door lock is one item that you might want to incorporate. A Smart Home is one that provides convenience, comfort, an advanced level of security, and the ability to be more energy efficient at all time of the day or night no matter if anyone is home or not.

The Smart systems in a home are connected to Wifi and homeowners can remotely control the systems no matter where they are located in the world as long as their phone, computer or mobile device has access to the internet.

Examples of home systems that are available in the Smart variety:

  • Heating and Cooling systems
  • Televisions
  • Lights
  • Security Systems
  • Wifi Door Lock

Aurora Locksmith Services has witnessed the growing popularity of a Wifi door lock because a Wifi lock is one of the most modern and convenient ways to control access to your home.

While many people are resistant to change and want to stick with the old method of locking their door with a key, those who are switching to a Wifi door lock find that this type of lock offers many benefits not available from a traditional old-fashioned locking system.

Some of the benefits of a wifi door lock that many people do not realize:

  • A Wifi door lock can be controlled by a Smartphone
  • A Smartphone can be programmed to unlock your wifi lock to automatically as you walk towards it
  • Some Wifi door locks keep track of how many times the lock was used within a certain period of time
  • Some Wifi door lock models have the capability of taking pictures and sending images to your mobile device so you can see who is standing at the door.

Stop Using Keys!
A Wifi deadbolt lock is just one of many Smart items that can essentially make your life easier. For example, if you run an AirBnB and you don’t want to worry about how your guests will gain access to your home, a wifi door lock is a great choice.

Rather than mailing a key to your renter or leaving a key under the doormat, simply provide your guests with access to your wifi door lock for a specific period of time. Once the guest is scheduled to depart, remove access to the Wifi door lock.

Turn Your Phone into a Key
A Wifi door lock provides you with many options that are simply not available with an old fashioned lock that requires a key.

This type of lock can be used as a convenient asset in any number of situations. Please keep in mind that different Wifi door lock makes and models offer different capabilities. Also, Wifi door locks are offered in a range of prices.

Make sure to ask Aurora Locksmith Services for our advice on which Wifi lock will benefit you the most. We will talk with you, visit your home, and provide you with our professional opinion.