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Locksmith FAQ

1. What does a Locksmith Do?

Locksmiths are makers of all kinds of Keys. Locks with keys, on doors, on shutters, on cars, padlocks, chain locks, turnstile knobs, Commercial Front Doors – the whole range. A locksmith makes keys for locks. They can also manage a selection of keys owned by people as spares or backups for emergencies, and can change those locks out within the course of a scheduled day.

2. Can a Locksmith Work on a House?

Locksmiths can work on residences to adjust, fix or replace locks as needed. Every home owner deserves the sense of security, and there’s no better way to enforce that than with strong, secure locks on every outside door. Indoors, locks can be used to maintain privacy within a family, to safeguard children from getting into dangerous places and to secure valuables so they can’t be pilfered or easily lost. Some Locksmiths will hold the mold of a key on file so new keys can be made on a home-by-home basis on request. Keys can even be special ordered and customized to make them as personal as the home they go to.

3. Can a Locksmith Help with an Apartment?

Locksmiths work with residential properties as well, to ensure that every tennant has the same level of privacy and security as their neighbor. Locksmiths can work in bulk orders to help apartments set up new locks and keys for their tenants and can work on-call to assure any assistance or maintenance that is needed can be performed readily. Other types of organized living, like retirement communities, can also be serviced by a locksmith to handle keeping the doors in order and keys at the ready for anyone who might lose them.

4. Can a Locksmith Work on a Commercial Property?

Commercial properties require a level of security all their own. Businesses need to resist more than just home invasions, they have to put up a safeguard against all kinds of other crime, robberies and simple petty theft. Locksmiths offer solutions to these problems with high security locking systems, complex locks that are pick-proofed and careful administration of keys to only the people who need to use them. Locksmiths can keep the outside of a business secure as well as the inside, providing unique locking systems and mechanisms for safes and inventory control so everything stays where it needs to.

5. Cars have keys – can a Locksmith work with that as well?

The easier way to get a new car key may be to contact your Local Locksmith directly. However, for older cars with traditional turn-style keys, locksmiths can also assist. If you’re locked out of a car, a locksmith is the person to call to get it open without risking damage to the door or interior. A locksmith can help you with all kinds of keys so you can get the car started again and a skilled Locksmith can replace the key with enough time.

6. Can All Locks be Picked?

There’s a saying “If there’s a door, there’s a way to open it.” Lockpicking has been around as long as locks have, and has evolved with it. A professional grade locksmith will know that and have countermeasures in place. The short answer is that no, not all locks can be picked. New techniques and countermeasures make residential and commercial locks highly secure.

7. Can One Key be used for Many Locks?

A key and lock fit together by design. The grooves on a key – or the signal on a card – is made to match certain locks. Many locks can have the same pattern, which means that one key will work on all of them. However, the reverse is harder. Having one key that opens many different locks isn’t as realistic. Locks have to be made to accept the patterns of certain keys. In short, having a key that works on locks which are all different from one another is only possible if those locks were manufactured in a way where the key can be accepted. This is something a locksmith can help with.

8. Can Locksmiths Install Keypads?

Digital security is security nonetheless. Access Control Panels come in all sorts of different, programmable forms and functions. From keypads to card readers, and even biometric scanners which only grant access to the right fingerprint. These are just different kinds of keys which unlock different kinds of doors. Most locksmith services will know how to install these and guide the owner on how they can be programmed to accept only certain passcodes, or have those passcodes changed manually. These can be useful for any commercial property, business or even the highest tech grade of homes.

9. Can a Locksmith Unlock my Door?

Lockouts are one of the most common calls for Locksmiths to work on. People forget their keys all the time, or leave their keys on the wrong side of a door. Who do you call? If you can, a local locksmith can be out and get your door opened without any damage in no time at all. No questions asked, just a quick and simple job that doesn’t involve destructive picking. It usually involves bringing a copy of your own key, in fact. A longer job may require them to size up the lock itself and make a key to come back with.

10. How Much does a Locksmith Charge?

Locksmith services vary based on the work being requested and the labor performed. Generally, a locksmith can help with a lockout for anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the severity of the situation. Maybe less if it’s a minor, simple job. Rekeying doors can be upwards of $150, and replacing locks can go from $100 to $300 depending on the type of lock required. The highest end of maintenance can cost upwards of $800, with the addition of service fees for items like access control panels or more complex high security lock systems.



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