Why You Should Change the Locks When You Change Roommates

Why You Should Change the Locks When You Change Roommates

Many people do not think about the security when they have roommates. If you have a disagreement with a roommate, is a good idea to change the locks when you decide to change roommates. Even if there is no disagreement, it is still a good idea to get in the habit of changing the locks each time you have a new roommate. Aurora Locksmith Services can provide you with the lock changing service in a matter of minutes.

What Can Happen When a Roommate Leaves

You never know about people. When a roommate leaves, he or she can be very upset. They may give you back your key, but they may make copies ahead of time. They can then tell people about what kinds of things are in your home and provide the key so that people can take what they want. Your roommate may also decide to come back and trash the place when you are not home.

If someone breaks into your home with the key, it is a lot harder to explain to the cops pharmacie viagra pfizer. There may not be a police report filed because someone broke in using a key. It will also be more difficult to file a claim with your insurance company is the key was used in order to steal things from your home.

Having the Locks Changed

If you have the locks changed by a locksmith in Aurora, you can rest assured that no one is going to get into your home. Even if your roommate provides you with the key back when he or she moves out, you don’t know if they have made a copy or not. It’s best to assume that they have made several copies and by changing the locks, you can be confident that none of the keys will work.

You have to look out for yourself. Even if your roommate and you remain friends, you never know what is going to go on. He or she may have given a key to someone else they knew, and that person may hold a grudge against one of you.

The same goes for if you live and an apartment complex. Don’t assume that the apartment complex changed the locks from the last resident. You don’t know who the last resident was and how many copies of their key they gave out. Make sure that you have the apartment complex call and Aurora locksmith so that you can see for yourself that the locks are being changed.

You are the only one who can look out for your security. To avoid someone entering your home that you did not authorize, it’s best to make sure that the locks are changed so that only you are a key holder. Then, should you decide to give out a key, that is your doing. If at any time you give out a key to someone you don’t trust, have the locks changed again.