Why hire a Commercial Locksmith for business fire inspections?

Why hire a Commercial Locksmith for business fire inspections?

A Commercial Locksmith can make sure your fire door and emergency exit devices are installed and working properly before a fire inspection

Fire inspections for commercial buildings are an important step to ensure your building is safe for employees and customers, and a locksmith can help you make sure your doors are ready to pass your next fire inspection with flying colors.

A fire inspection will examine the various electrical systems, safety features, and escape routes in your building. Before a fire inspection, it’s a good idea to run through a typical checklist that fire inspectors will use to determine if your building is safe.

Aurora Locksmith Services is happy to assist Aurora and Denver Metro Area business owners to get ready for their upcoming fire inspections and to complete regular maintenance to keep your building safe.

Hire a Commercial Locksmith to inspect your fire door

Fire doors are an important safety feature in commercial buildings that allow people to quickly exit a building in the event of a fire, while helping keep the blaze contained to one area of the building. It’s vital that the door functions properly and is equipped with a quality latch and lock that is well-maintained and regularly inspected in accordance with your local fire codes.

A Commercial Locksmith can inspect your fire door and make any necessary repairs or upgrades before your next fire inspection, saving you time and hassle of going through multiple fire inspections in the event your fire door doesn’t pass inspection.

A Locksmith can also inspect your other doors and locks to make sure they’re functioning properly and offer enough security for your place of business. Locksmiths are also able to install fire-rated locks, hinges, and other devices that will improve your door’s performance in the event of a fire.

Upgrade your emergency exit devices before a fire inspection

New buildings need to have an Emergency Exit Device installed on all exits in order to pass an initial fire inspection.

An Exit Device should be wired by a professional to sound an alarm when the door is open. This alarm will contact the fire department and give first responders an idea of where the exits of the building are.

A commercial locksmith can install and update your Emergency Exit Devices so you can pass your fire inspection and provide the proper safety features that are required by law.

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