What to do With Sticky Door Locks in Denver?

What to do With Sticky Door Locks in Denver?

Have you ever put a key in a lock and it just wouldn’t turn? When this happens, you can assume one of three things has occurred: 1) you’re using the wrong key; 2) you’re using the right key, but there’s something wrong with it; or 3) you’re using the right key, but there’s something wrong with the lock.

We’ve all experienced issue number one – everyone has tried to use the wrong key in a lock at one time or another.  The solution to this problem is to locate the correct key.

Although possible, the second issue is not very common because broken or bent keys are unusual. Keys can wear out over time, and when they are worn they will not work correctly. Broken keys are always a problem – but it can be difficult to anticipate when a key will break.

The third issue is the most likely scenario because locks are complex. Locks are comprised of many parts and pieces, and any one of those parts or pieces can  break or become dirty. Broken pieces can prevent a lock from functioning properly, and dirty pieces can cause a lock to stick or become difficult to maneuver.

In Denver, the climate is not humid, which can cause its own set of problems with door locks. But the air in Colorado can be dry and dusty. This can lead to dirty door locks that are difficult to use, and often require a professional cleaning by an experienced Denver locksmith.

Can You Clean Your Own Door Locks in Denver?
If you were to ask a Denver locksmith if it’s easy to take apart a door lock and clean it, he or she would probably tell you that it’s incredibly simple to disassemble a lock, clean it, and reassemble it. But a professional Denver locksmith works with locks every single day! A homeowner who has never disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled a door lock might not think this task is quite so easy.

If you are up for the challenge and you are mechanically inclined, the cleaning process involves taking apart the lock, using canned air to blow away dust and dirt, brushing away any residual dirt with a small brush (such as a toothbrush), and applying a solution such as WD-40 to the lock’s internal components. In theory, the entire process should take you less than half an hour. However, sometimes cleaning the inside of a door lock sounds easier than it is – especially for individuals who have never before cleaned a door lock.

If you live in Denver and your door locks seem to be sticking or difficult to use – and your keys do not appear to be damaged – it’s probably time to clean your locks. For anyone not able to undertake this task him- or herself, the solution is to call a professional Denver locksmith company for help.