10 Ways to Save Money When Hiring a Locksmith

10 Ways to Save Money When Hiring a Locksmith

Making sure that your property and family are secure is your number one priority. When something goes wrong with one of your locks or keys, it’s critical that you get it fixed right away. Getting the right person for the job doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 10 easy ways to save money the next time you need to hire a locksmith service.

1. Keep a Spare Key

It is highly recommended that you keep a spare of all your keys in a secure place such as a fireproof safe. In the event that you lose your keys, the locksmith can simply make copies from your spare. If a spare is not available, the locksmith will need to rekey or reconfigure the lock to accommodate an entirely new key. This is significantly more expensive than simply cutting a new key.

2. Buy Your Own Key Fob

Most new cars come with high-tech key fobs. If yours gets broken or stops work, purchase a replacement key fob online and ask your locksmith to reprogram it. This will be much cheaper than getting one from your dealer.

3. Request a Rekey Instead of a Lock Replacement

When you move into a new place, you may want to change the locks for additional security. Talk to your locksmith about rekeying the locks instead of replacing them. This is just as effective and costs a lot less.

Most lock hardware is durable and will last for many years. Only replace the lock if you feel it is too old or damaged. Your locksmith can provide a recommendation for the most cost-effective solution.

4. Save on Surveillance

Before you fork out hundreds (if not, thousands) of dollars for an expensive home security system, you might consider some budget-friendly alternatives. In many cases, realistic-looking yard signs and window decals for a security service can be an effective deterrent to criminals.

5. Find a Locksmith Before You Need One

A lot of people make the mistake of waiting until something goes wrong before they find a locksmith. Unfortunately, if you wait until the last minute, you may not have time to shop around for the best rates. If you are in a hurry, you’ll likely have to hire the first locksmith you call no matter the cost.

6. Find a Reputable Locksmith

Don’t take the risk of hiring a random person to work as your locksmith. This could open you up to unnecessary risk and potential costly rework. Talk to your friends and family and get recommendations for who they use. Online directories like Yelp are a great place to read reviews and hear what the community is saying about the company.

Also, make sure that the locksmith provides the type of service that you might need. For example, if your home has digital locks, be sure to find a locksmith who specializes in digital lock systems.

7. Wait Until Normal Business Hours

Some locksmiths charge additional fees for work that is requested outside of their normal workday. If your request is not urgent, it’s almost always cheaper to wait and request work during the cheaper hours of the day. Talk to your locksmith about their normal operating hours and charges for after-hours work. This is another reason to keep spare keys.

8. Negotiate Discounts

Depending on how much work you need to get done, you might be able to negotiate better rates with your locksmith. For example, you might get a better rate if you are asking for 5 locks to be rekeyed instead of just one. Some businesses also offer special discounts to seniors or veterans.

9. Maintain Your Locks

With proper care and maintenance, your locks can last a very long time. Periodically spray WD-40 into your locks and move the key in and out to remove dust and debris. These tiny particles can cause a lot of damage over time and lead to more expensive repairs.

10. Don’t Make Repairs Yourself

Sometimes, it’s better to leave repairs to the professionals. Locksmiths have specialized tools and training to be able to work on locks and security systems. While fixing a lock may seem like a simple task, you could be making the issue worse. This could lead to even more damage and more money to properly make the repair.

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